The assembly of the sheets must be realized on the joists placed at a proportional distance to the operating loads and to the pitch gradient.

Place the first plate with the side marked facing the outside of the cover. After having aligned, fix on the first wave corrugation at the support structure.

AlertCaution: the hole in the plate should be 10 mm, with the stem of the screw of 6,5 mm, to allow the normal thermal expansion.

Place laterally the second plate over the first and secure the bottom at the overlap. To maintain the alignment of the hardware we recommend using a wire as a reference, fixed at the ends of the joist. Proceed in the same way with the plates, until the end. If necessary, adapt the last plate with an abrasive disc.

At this point we need to complete the fixing according to the scheme shown in the figure (at least four secure points on each joist, on every other wave on the lowest roof border).



Lateral overlapping

Please foresee a fixation in accordance with the sidewise overlap.


Horizontal overlapping

Please always make sure the horizontal overlap on the support is 15-30 cm long according to the pitch gradient.


Coverage gap

the terminal plate cantilevered from the last support should not exceed 10 cm.



Ecolina sheets are also flexible in their cold condition but with a minimum bending curve of 6 meters

Attention!! Given the lack of gradient in relation to the horizontal overlap, it is imperative to be at least at a distance of 300 mm from the main fixing (total overlap should be 350mm).

If the curvature is unknown, using the formula shown above it can be calculated when the chord C and the sagitta S are known.